Artes Liberales 2017 — The Age of Revolution(s)

Artes Liberales 2017 — The Age of Revolution(s)

From 8 till 30 of April 2017 Gallery of contemporary art “Ў” (Minsk) will host the sixth edition of ARTES LIBERALES - festival of art and education. For three weeks the Gallery’s space will once again turn into an open university of liberal arts and sciences (Latin - ‘artes liberales’). 

ARTES LIBERALES 2017 program proposes more than 40 events: exhibition by Sergey Shabohin, public lectures by scholars and experts from Belarus and other European countries, discussions on actual topics, workshops, presentations, performances, experimental music concerts and film screenings.

The theme of Artes Liberales 2017 is “The Age of Revolution(s)”:

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the October revolution that has changed the course of history and the world map so radically. But we would like to expand our research field and to consider the Idea of Revolution within various social contexts and theoretical discourses.

The political, technological, communication, cultural and industrial revolutions happened many times during the history of humanity - and they were especially frequent and rapid during the last hundred years. But the revolutionary processes often took decades or even centuries, therefore it is complicated and incorrect to consider them singular Events. This is especially true in regard to scientific discoveries and epistemological turns in Humanities or Social science. Each of these turns changes the way we see the world and understand the social structures or the human ‘nature’.

During our festival we would like to discuss how the very understanding of a revolution has changed, and what role did the actual or recent events, the new theories and practices play in this. How do we acknowledge that ‘a new Era has come’ and that ‘the world will never be the same’? How the invisible revolutions in the certain spheres of social life and scientific cognition happen and establish? And, finally, how the idea of Revolution is actualized and re-formulated in contemporary political performances, media representations or in art practice?

We invite to the Opening of Artes Liberales 2017 and Sergey Shabohin’s exhibition on 8th of April, 19:00 (Gallery “Ў”, Minsk, praspiekt Niezaliežnasci 37A).

Participants of Artes Liberales 2017:

Foreign participants: Vlodko Bodnar (Ukraine), Agnieszka Wiśniewska (Poland), Lina Dokuzović (Austria), Sasha Zakrevska Poly Chain (Ukraine), Nikita Kadan (Ukraine), Dawid Krawczyk (Poland), Ianina Prudenko (Ukraine), Gerald Raunig (Austria), Elske Rosenfeld (Germany), Ela Rutkowska (Poland), Mikołaj Syska (Poland), Xavier Le Torrivelec (France), Adam Frankiewicz Grupa Etyka Kurpina (Poland), Margarita Jankauskaite (Lithuania).

Belarusian participants: Taciana Arcimovich, Ahniya Asanovich, Dzmitry Boichanka, Oleg Bresky, Yuliya Vasilyeva, Alexander Vashkevich, Pavel Voinitski, Michail Volchak, Vitaly Harmash, Andrey Gornykh, Sviatlana Ermakovich, Aliaksandra Ihnatovič, Anna Karpenko, Viktoria Konstantyuk, Alexander Lisov,Valentina Moroz, Pavel Niakhayeu, Alexei Pikulik, Iryna Ramanava, Galina Rusetskaya, Antonina Seriakova, Alla Sokolova, Ina Sorkina, Andrei Stsiapanau, Stsiapan Stureika, Almira Ousmanova, Siarhei Chareuski, Andrey Charniakievich, Tatsiana Chulitskaya, Sergey Shabohin, Ksenya Shtalenkova, Tatiana Shchyttsova, Katsiaryna Yancheuskaya and other scholars and artists.

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Our team:
Project director - Almira Ousmanova.
Curators - Pavel Niakhayeu, Taciana Arcimovich.
Project managers - Volha Salakheyeva, Anna Karpenko, Kiryl Kalbasnikau

Our partners in 2017:

European Humanities University (Lithuania), Gallery «Ў» (Minsk), Laboratory for Studies in of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (Lithuania), ERSTE Foundation (Austria), EU and the Eastern Partnership program «Culture and Creativity»Ambassade de France à MinskFoundamental Network (Belarus), Platform for Performatice Practice Platform «ziErnie» (Belarus), pARTisan - magazine of contemporary Belarusian culture (Belarus), Art Aktivist (Belarus), Zair Azgur Museum (Belarus), Press Club (Belarus) and others.

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