Ecopartnership shares useful resources for promoting Energy Days 2020 in Belarus

Ecopartnership shares useful resources for promoting Energy Days 2020 in Belarus

Ecopartnership, an official supporter of the EU initiative ‘Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy’ in Belarus has collected useful resources and recommendations for the digital promotion and implementation of the event ‘Energy Days 2020’ in Belarus.

The event is held each year in cities participating in the Covenant of Mayors. The aim is to show citizens how to save fuel and energy and how to reduce human impact on the climate. Organised within the EU Sustainable Energy Week by local public and private organisations, the event ‘Energy Days’ includes activities that promote clean energy transition, such as workshops, competitions and power plant tours. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all public events are postponed, but some activities will take place in a digital form.

Ecopartnership has put together some digital resources for local governmental institutions and the media to help them plan and promote ‘Energy Days 2020’ in Belarus. The resources include articles from previous years, leaflets about the organisation of the event, video material and more.

Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy is the world’s biggest climate and energy initiative, supported by the EU. It brings together thousands of local and regional authorities committed to step up their ambitions of sustainable energy. About 50 Belarusian cities have joined the Covenant of Mayors movement and this number is regularly increasing. Ecopartnership is the official supporter of the initiative in Belarus. The organisation provides consultations to existing and potential Covenant members and promotes the initiative at the local and national level.

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