EVS: Available Projects

EVS: Available Projects

Apply for the European Voluntary Service in Finland! On this page you can find those EVS projects coordinated by Maailmanvaihto that are currently seeking volunteers and instructions for applying for them.

To apply, please load Maailmanvaihto’s EVS application form (.doc) and read instructions for filling in the form from the bottom of this page. Send your filled-in application to evs(a)maailmanvaihto.fi.

Please note that Maailmanvaihto only accepts applications which have been filled into Maailmanvaihto’s application form.

Available EVS projects

KISÄLLI-HARJULANMÄKI has two main activities: it has a nursing home called “Harjulanmäki” for mentally disabled people and a workshop called “Kisälli” which provides art and work therapy for disabled people.

Number of volunteers: 1

Volunteering period: 1.9.2018–1.7.2019 (10 months, possibly extended to 12 months)

Location: Kisälli-Harjulanmäki is situated in Vihti, a small town located some 50 kilometers away from the city of Helsinki.

Volunteer’s role, tasks and requirements: The volunteers help disabled people in their daily activities at the Kisälli arts&crafts workshop and at the Harjulanmäki home. The work includes both artistic work and practical personal assisting (for example with eating and daily hygiene). The volunteering periods mainly consist of daytime working at Kisälli but occasionally there are evening and weekend work shifts, too. The volunteers need to have interest in creative arts&crafts work as well as motivation to work with people with special needs.

Accommodation: The volunteers live in an apartment.

Organization in the EU’s EVS database

Deadline for applying: the 31st of July 2018

NB! This volunteering position is for a resident of a Program country from which one does not need a residence permit to Finland.

How to apply? Three simple steps:

  1. Choose from the list above the project you wish to apply to.
  2. After selecting the project, fill in Maailmanvaihto’s EVS application form (.doc). If you wish to apply to more than one project, please fill in a separate form for each project. Write your answers on the green blank fields. There is no length limit for your answers.
  3. Send your application form as an email attachment to: evs(a)maailmanvaihto.fi Write the project name & reference number to the subject field. Attach your application to the message and send. Photos are optional.

Please note these things:

  • If you do not understand the content of the application form, please ask help from your sending organisation.
  • Maailmanvaihto only accepts applications which have been filled into Maailmanvaihto’s application form.
  • Prior to sending us an application, please read through the program informationin order to get a picture on the EVS program.
  • EVS is targeted especially for those young adults who otherwise have less opportunities than their peers to participate in transnational projects. If you feel you have less opportunities than other young people, please tell about this in your application. There is a separate question on it in the application form.