Forum Syd announces call for project applications

Forum Syd announces call for project applications

Since 2013 the Belarus Grants Management Programme is being implemented to provide direct support to Belarusian civil society as well as to foster partnerships between Belarusian and Swedish organisations. As a part of the Programme, Forum Syd is announcing this call for applications for Belarusian and Swedish organizations looking to implement projects in Belarus.

Who may apply for funding?

Civil society organisations and initiatives from Belarus and Sweden.

Applying organisations/initiatives should be non-political, non-profit, non-religious and work towards democratic development based on the equal value of all people and respect for human rights.

Both individual organisations/initiatives and coalitions of two or more Belarusian organisations/initiatives are eligible to apply for small projects and direct support projects (see types of projects below).

*Projects of individual activists, governmental organisations, as well as business organisations cannot be supported in the framework of this Programme.

What kind of projects may be supported?

In its work Forum Syd is employing the Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA). This approach involves empowering and enabling people to exercise their rights, while at the same time increasing accountability and capacities of institutions and individuals responsible for the provision of those rights.

There are many materials about HRBA available online. You can also check our Essential guide to project planning for more information.

Project’s relevance to the HRBA will be the central criteria for its approval. Projects should be aimed at achieving positive and sustainable change in society on the local and/or national level.

Belarusian-Swedish partnership projects should have strong emphasis on capacity development of Belarusian partner, its internal governance and methodologies, as well as experience exchange between Swedish and Belarusian organisations.

Selection process will be guided by the values of non-discrimination, gender equality and respect for the environment, as well as by following priorities and focuses, defined by our Belarusian and Swedish partners[1]:

- cross-sectorial cooperation and cross-cutting thematic approaches, coherence and solidarity of civil society;

- greater visibility of civil society and outreach to citizens;

- work in the regions and smaller towns/villages of Belarus;

- active participation and empowerment of citizens;

- capacity development of civil society in Belarus.

In the framework of the current Programme cycle there is possibility to apply for the following types of projects:

  1. Small projects implemented by Belarusian organizations/initiatives. Budget: up to 10 000 euro. Time of implementation: up to 1 year.
  2. Direct support projects implemented by Belarusian organizations/initiatives. Budget: up to 100 000 euro. Time of implementation: between 1 and 3 years.
  3. Partnership projects implemented in cooperation of Belarusian and Swedish organizations. Time of implementation: between 1 and 3 years.

How to apply?

To apply, fill in and send the enclosed application form and budget to You have to choose the type of application form depending on the type of the project you are applying for:

- For small projects (up to 10 000 euro): Concept note + budget;

- For direct support projects (up to 100 000 euro): Direct support application + budget;

- For Belarusian-Swedish partnership projects: Partnership application + budget;

Application and budget can be filled in in English, Russian and Belarusian languages.


Applications should be sent no later than 8th of June 2017.

Results will be announced in September 2017. Approved projects can start implementation in October 2017.

If you have any questions about application process, please contact us: