Grants for young feminist and transgender organizations

Grants for young feminist and transgender organizations

Applications must be received by: 10th November 2016


FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is the only youth-led fund focused exclusively on supporting global young feminist activism to advance social justice movements and agendas. FRIDA was created to bring new resources and new opportunities to young women and trans* youth globally. We believe that supporting young feminists is key to the expansion, rejuvenation and sustainability of women’s movements and organizations, both now and in the future. To date, FRIDA has completed four grant cycles, and cumulatively supported 109 different groups of young feminists in 67 different countries around the world and awarding a total of 713,214.00 USD in direct grants.  
This year we are celebrating FRIDA’s 5th birthday and we are excited to be launching our 5th call for proposals and intend to support up to 30 new young feminist groups led by young women and trans* youth under 30 years of age.
Who can apply?
  • Groups founded or led by young women or trans* youth (under 30 years) that are committed to:
    • Advancing and defending women’s rights from a feminist perspective;
    • Improving the lives of young women/trans* youth at local, national, regional or international levels;
  • Inclusive organizing, collective action and feminist movement building
  • Groups, networks, or collectives based in the Global South (Sub Saharan Africa, Asia and the Pacific, The Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Central, Southern, Eastern Europe and Caucuses and Central  and North Asia).
  • Groups founded in the past 6 years (i.e. your group was formed between 2010 – 2016).
FRIDA uses the term ‘feminist’ broadly to refer to individuals working within women’s movements or in other social movements to promote and work towards the safety, equality, justice, rights and dignity of girls, women and other marginalized groups. Based on the understanding that fundamental discrimination occurs within patriarchal systems of domination in all societies, young feminists are determined to challenge, address and change the root causes of these existing inequalities, rights violations and injustice. We recognize that there are multiple feminisms and foster opportunities for expressing those principles in our work. FRIDA emphasizes feminist principles throughout all of its work. These principles include: non-hierarchy, collectivity, participation, diversity, and inclusion. We define young feminist activists as individuals from across the gender spectrum committed to advancing gender equality and women’s rights through explicitly feminist means. FRIDA focuses on activism led by feminists under 30 years of age.
*The groups lead by feminist up to 35 years of age and those founded before 2010 can still apply and be considered, however since FRIDA receives a large number of applications the priority will be given to newly established  groups lead by feminists under the age of 30.
Trans*youth refers to any young individual who self-identify with a non-conforming gender identity. On the global level the term includes Transgender, Transsexual, Gender Queer, and Transvestite individuals. In some regions and countries, the term may also include local terms that refer are not distinctly man or woman, broadly referred to as third genders.
Priority will be given to:
  • Small, emerging grassroots groups, networks, or collectives with little or no access to funding from larger donors.
  • Groups, networks, or collectives that are working on emerging or issues that have not received prior funding.
  • Groups, networks, or collectives located in remote underserved areas.
  • Groups, networks, or collectives that are diverse in their membership and made up of and/or working with socially marginalized young women especially: refugees, ethnic, national and caste minorities, rural women, urban poor, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, women living with HIV/AIDS, sex workers, women with disabilities, women living in armed conflicts and post conflict zones.
  • Groups using creative and innovative strategies to further their activism (including art, music, culture, poetry, social media etc).
What is NOT supported by FRIDA?
  • Groups or organizations that display an intolerant attitude towards others on the basis of age, religion, sex, race/ethnicity, disability, class or sexual orientation.
  • Organizations working with young women and trans youth but led by individuals over 30 years of age. We do not fund youth “programs” of existing organizations  — we fund youth-led groups.  At this time FRIDA will not provide funding to initiatives led by young men even if they self define as feminists because of our limited resources that are dedicated to address the fundamental inequality and discrimination faced by young women and young trans* people.
  • Scholarships, internship or school fees (including Doctoral and other academic research)
  • Groups with budgets over $25,000 USD
  • Proposals submitted by individuals, government institutions, political organizations or religious groups.
  • Groups that focus only on the provision of direct services (e.g. community literacy, formal education, technical training, craft or health care etc).
  • Groups that focus on income generating activities.
  • Groups based in the following highly-industrialized countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.
Every year FRIDA receives more than 1000 applications from all around the world. Unfortunately, large number of these applications do not fit FRIDA basic criteria. We wish to give opportunity to young feminist lead groups so if you are aware that your group do not fit the basic criteria please consider not applying. Applications that DO NOT fit criteria will not be considered or reviewed.  If your group does not fit the basic criteria, but it is a feminist-led group, please consider some other funding opportunities here. If you are not sure if you fit basic criteria, please take a look at our FAQ, where we have responded to all questions that we have received over the past years. In case your question is not included, please email us at and we will make sure to respond at the earliest convenience.
Funding Amounts & Length of Grant  
FRIDA makes grants of up to $5,000 USD. They are flexible grants that can be used for general support and/or projects to be used over a period of 12 months and are open to renewal.
*Please Note: FRIDA recognizes the value of general support and encourages groups to prioritize resources according to their own needs. For example some groups may consider using FRIDA funds to cover staff, administration, or organizational costs while others may use funds to support establishing infrastructure or project related costs.
How is the decision made? Be Part of the Selection Process…You Decide!
FRIDA is committed to engaging young feminist-led groups in the grant decision-making process. We view this as an empowering process that provides participants with greater accountability and investment. When we receive your application, FRIDA advisors help us in the initial screening to check if the application fits FRIDA basic criteria, but they do not evaluate proposals. The decision is made by applicants.
Applicants that meet FRIDA’s criteria must vote for their top proposal choices in their region and give comments on their selections (groups may not vote for their own proposals). Applicants vote anonymously, based on the summary of each application from their region. In voting, we ask that groups keep in mind what they think is important for the promotion and defense of the rights of young women in their region. After voting the results are tallied and grantees are selected.
Expectations of Successful Groups:
All grantees will be required to sign a grant agreement, which will outline accounting, reporting, and other terms and conditions regarding how funds will be distributed. Grantees will be required to be in regular communication with FRIDA staff and will be required to share regular updates of their work.  Further details on reporting will be provided after grants have been approved.
Important things to remember!
  • Before completing the application, please read the application guidelines to determine your eligibility. Also, you can review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the FRIDA Website
  • All applications must directly benefit young women and trans* youth in a culturally appropriate, sustainable, and gender inclusive manner and address issues central to women’s human rights.
  • If you would like to see the kinds of groups FRIDA is currently supporting, please click here
  • You do not need to be a legally registered group to apply.
  • You may submit your application in ONE of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Mandarin.
  • Applications must be received by: 10th November 2016
  • You can submit only ONE proposal this funding cycle.
  • If unsuccessful, you will be informed by email in December 2016. Funds will be distributed to grantee partners in February 2017.
In order to streamline the application process, FRIDA is currently accepting proposals online! We strongly recommend that you read through the complete application form before you submit online. This will help you prepare complete responses before you begin your online submission. In order to makes sure that we receive your proposal please use the online form, rather than sending your proposal via email.
If you think your group is eligible to apply for a grant from FRIDA, please see the application materials below:

Click here to read the application form and submit your application online.

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