IITE UNESCO celebrates 3 mln views of newly released animation videos for adolescents

IITE UNESCO celebrates 3 mln views of newly released animation videos for adolescents

A series of six science popular edutainment videos for adolescents on healthy lifestyle and relationships have been recently created through collaborative efforts of UNESCO IITE and Youtube channel “Nowchpok”. Within 5 months from the moment videos were published on Youtube and in social media 6 episodes have scored more than 3.5 mln views. These videos intend to give clear and simple answers to the difficult questions young people may ask themselves on their way from childhood to adulthood.

Each video presents one topic that is particularly important for modern teenagers: independence and importance to have one’s own opinion; ways to stand against cyberbullying; love and sexual relationships at a young age; health risks and hazards as well as proactive measures to avoid risky situations. As a rule, teachers and parents find it hard to engage a conversation on these topics with adolescents: generational gap is felt more acutely than ever, and not always can one avoid timidity and move beyond simple moralizing.

Edutainment is an approach that сombines education with entertainment in the learning process. It has proved its worth as an effective method of communication with young audience. Animation videos released as a part of the project on “Nowchpok” channel stick to this very approach: they present scientific facts in a simple entertaining manner that is free from annoying and tiresome lectures on what is right and what is wrong.

Using social media as a main communication tool and mobilizing Nowchpok’s well established audience has resulted in maximum reach and vivid response from the users. Each episode has scored from 200.000 to 1,3 mln views, with some of them going viral and featuring in the Youtube’s top list.

Videos may serve as supporting materials for teachers during lessons on healthy lifestyle and reproductive health. They would also be helpful for parents that wish to talk to their children about hardships of growing-up but do not know how.

Currently videos are being adapted to national languages to be further used during awareness-raising events on HIV prevention and healthy lifestyle in Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Tadjikistan.

More informsation is available here: http://iite.unesco.org/news/639326/

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