Online Training Video Course "Learn with "Zelva"

Online Training Video Course "Learn with "Zelva"

Social information institution " Zelva" and the Representative Office of the German Adult Education Association "Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V." in the Republic of Belarus (DVVInternational: Belarus) invite residents of Zelva region to take part in an online training course "Learning with "Zelva", which consists of 5 mini-courses (20 lectures) and aimed at softening the impact of the pandemic through adult education.

The schedule of the course is the following:

on Mondays, lectures of the mini-course "Working from home";

on Tuesday – "Apartment Fitness Room";

on Wednesdays – "Anticovid Body Support"

on Thursdays – "Cooking by Yourself – simple as Belarusians do";

on Fridays – "Good Use of Your Time”.

About the course:

  • The training course starts on 12.10. 2020
  • Video lectures will be released every weekday at 18.00 on the DVVInternationalBelarus channel on Youtube, in the social networks "Odnoklassniki", "Vkontakte", on “Facebook”, on Telegram.
  • Videos will be available at any time.
  • A gift from the organizers will receive those who finished with video course, a passed short test on the course topics and published a post about it with the hashtag #вучымся_разам_з_зялевай (#learn_with_zelva)!
  • You could ask the speakers questions about the course topics in the telegram chat or in private messages on social networks.
  • To participate in this course, you just need to subscribe to the organizers' groups in social networks and Telegram

The event is organized by the Representative Office of the German Adult Education Association "Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V." (Germany) in the Republic of Belarus (DVVInternational: Belarus) in cooperation with the social information institution for sustainable regional development "Zelva" in the terms of the initiative " Learn with "Zelva" online".


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