Partners have been selected to implement joint projects in 2020

Partners have been selected to implement joint projects in 2020

One of the priorities of the Representative Office of DVV International in Belarus in 2020 is still to promote the concept of "Learning Cities" in Belarus. Among the initiative groups that represent Belarusian cities wishing to join this international movement and that took part in the Program "Learning Cities and Organizations" last year, three teams were selected in the framework of the competition that will receive financial support for this activity.

They included Vitebsk that is currently the only Learning City in Belarus with a long history of cooperation with the Representative Office in this area, also Minsk and Gomel. The partners in Vitebsk are Vitebsk city branch of public association “Young Men's Christian Association” (YMCA Vitebsk) and Vitebsk united organization of the public association “Republican association of wheelchair users”. The State Institution of education “Minsk city institute of education development” will act as a partner organization responsible for the project in Minsk, Private social and information institution "Manufacture of innovative technologies" will act as a partner in Gomel. 

In 2020 cooperation with organizations developing adult education centres will continue in the urban settlements Krasnopolye Local development fund “Start-Vostok” and Culture institution “Lyntupy culture centre», as well as Local development foundation for Bykhov district. Adult education centers are designed to provide access to quality education for representatives of different target groups in the regions. 

Three partner organizations will continue to work on social adaptation of people released from correctional system institutions: Gomel regional public association “Community Development Projeсts”, International public association “Ekaprajekt” and Public association “Club of Business women”.

Another long-time partner has been included in the list of partner organizations for 2020 – Association of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment with which an educational course "School of Educators" will be implemented in the blended learning format.

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