Business Management, Local Foundation

2nd Lesnoy lane, bld. 1, room 85, Goranski rural council, 223025 Minsk district, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus; 10-102, Pushkin Ave., Minsk

Business Management Local Foundation was founded on 14 November 2016. Its founder was Future with Us LLC which had the status of a small-scale entrepreneurship incubator.
The foundation is a non-profit organization and was established with a view to developing and supporting small and medium-scale businesses in the territory of Minsk dustrict through
1. rendering advice in taxation, business accounting, registration of organizations, elaboration of draft agreements, making business plans;
2. training seminars aumed at upgrade of financial competence of the population;
3. development of local community through maintaining social ties between the people of Novoye Pole village, improvement of life quality through infrastructural landscaping, development of infrastructure and economic growth.

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