Cycling events during the European Mobility Week. Do not miss out on the chance to take part in them!


On September 16-22, the world celebrates the European Mobility Week, an international campaign held for raising awareness about sustainable urban mobility. A true festival of cycling events will be held in Minsk during the EMW. Save the dates not to miss out on the chance to participate in them!

September 20. Presentation of a study on the advantages of cycling for cities and urban residents.

A presentation of the study entitled "An Assessment of the Socio-Economic Impact of the Bicycle in a City. What are the Advantages of Cycling for a City and Urban Residents?" will be held at EventSpace (16/3 Akciabrskaja St). The study was carried out by the Belarusian Association of Transport Experts and Surveyors in 2018 at request of the Minsk Cycling Community. The attendance is free subject to prior

Why do cyclists in Denmark, Netherlands and France get financial rewards? How does the EU make €513 million a year on cyclists? What advantages does cycling infrastructure construction bring for motorists? How much money will it take to turn Minsk into a cycling paradise? These and many other questions will be answered at the presentation by experts from Russia, Finland, Belgium and Belarus; they will also present the latest news on Belarusian and foreign studies on the cyclists' impact on urban economy.

The presentation will be held by:

Yuri Važnik, Chairperson, Belarusian Association of Transport Experts and Surveyors. Belarus

Konstantin Ponomarev, aide, Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office (Germany)

Pekki Takhola, consultant, municipal administration of Oulu (Finland

Holger Haubold, Economic and Tax Policy Officer, European Cyclist Federation (Belgium)

Pavel Harbunoŭ, Chairperson, Minsk Cycling Community.

September 21. Fruit to Every Cyclist, or Bike to Work

In the morning of September 21, fruits will be given be given to everyone choosing bike for traveling to work or study. Volunteers of the Minsk Cycling Community will distribute incentives in five locations in the capital city.

You can get a treat for opting for an eco-friendly means of transportation from 07.15 until 10.30 at:

  1. At the Minsk Hero City stele (crossing of Mašeraŭ Avenue and Peramožcaŭ Avenue)
  2. At the Botanical Garden gate (Nezaležnasci Ave)
  3. At Puškin Avenue (at Čygladze bus stop, next to the building at 85 Puškin Ave)
  4. At Belarusian State Academic Musical Theatre (44 Miasnikoŭ St)
  5. Next to Belarus Universal Store (54 Partyzanski Ave).

September 21. A public lecture "Why do Belarusians stop cycling in autumn, while Finns keep on pedalling even in winter?"

A public lecture "Why do Belarusians stop cycling in autumn, while Finns keep on pedalling even in winter?" will be held at 19.00 on September 21 in the Press Club (3-601 Charužaj St). The lecture is aimed to inspire people to extend the 'cycling season'. Attendance is free subject to registration by filling out a brief questionnaire.

Speakers at the lecture:

Pekki Takhola, consultant, municipal administration of Oulu (Finland

Anastasija Jančeŭskaja, Director, Minsk Cycling Community

Pavel Harbunoŭ, Chairperson, Minsk Cycling Community.

Why is not it too cold for Finns to cycle in winter? Do you need special 'winter' tyres? Does cycling in cold season affect your health? How do Finnish municipalities manage snowfalls? Do you need to clear bike paths from snow? You shall have answers to these and other questions during the event.

The public lecture will be aimed at active cyclists, urban activists, journalists and everyone interested in cycling movement development in Belarus.

September 22. A festival at Lenin Street and the Cyclist, Give Fire! bike parade.

A large city festival will be held on September 22 as part of the Day without Car celebration at Lenin street, which will traditionally become pedestrian for that day. In the afternoon, the city residents will enjoy fairs, master classes, exhibitions, a cinema show and a concert, while in the evening Nezaležnasci Avenue will be closed for the Cyclist, Give Fire! bike parade.

Motor traffic will be closed at Lenin Street from Nezaležnasci Avenue to Kiraŭ Street from 6.00 until 24.00 on September 22. The Day without Car festivities will begin at 14.00 and end late at night with an eye-catching parade of means of transportation alternative to automobiles.

The festival programme includes:

  • a concert and entertainment section
  • learning and action games for children
  • demonstration of means of transportation alternative to automobiles
  • the brightest bicycle contest
  • Cyclist and Style exhibition
  • free bicycle maintenance

The event will be concluded with a bike ride along Nezaležnasci Avenue from Lenin Street to the National Library, it will be open for both cyclists and owners of other eco-friendly means of transportation: roller skates, mono wheels, skateboards, hover boards, segways. The ride along the avenue will start at 21.00 at a calm pace of 15-18 kmh. All participating means of transportation must be equipped with lights.

The European Mobility Week events are arranged in Minsk by the Minsk City Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Minsk City Department of Emergencies, Minsk Traffic Police Department, Minsk City Education Department, Minsk Cycling Community, Centre for Environmental Solutions, APB-Belarus and other organizations.

The 2018 EMW cycling events are supported by the European Union under Urban Cycling in Belarus project