LLB 2014-2020: Reducing social exclusion and improving ecological stability


The Grant Contracts between the Managing Authority of the Programme and the Lead Beneficiaries of two projects have been signed:

  • ENI-LLB-1-029 ‘Reduction of social exclusion and increase in the quality of life of cancer patients in Vilnius and Grodno regions’. Two health care institutions are aiming to increase the accessibility to the modern minimally invasive surgery and social services for the cancer patients in Vilnius County and Grodno Oblast while exchanging bilateral experience. The budget of the project is over 1,5 MEUR.
  • ENI-LLB-1-207 ‘Reduction of Negative Impact of Alien Invasive Plant Species on Ecosystems and Human Wellbeing in Cross-Border Region of Lithuania-Belarus’. In the frame of the project six partners will join their forces to improve the ecological stability in LT-BY cross-border region by reducing areas occupied by alien invasive plant species in both partnering districts Varena (Alytus County, Lithuania) and Ozery (Grodno Oblast, Belarus). The budget of the project is over 0,3 MEUR.

Remaining projects approved for the EU funding during the 1st Call for Proposals are in the process of the final endorsement and preparation of Grant Contracts.