Creative and Sport Activities in primary school


A total of 40 week(s) during the period 01/10/2019 to 30/06/2020

Within this project we would like to create a creative space for learning for kids and youth in a primary school center in a rural region to help them to become responsible citizens, respectful of the environment and respected by all. We also want to promote the co-operation between formal and non-formal education to make a bigger impact in personal development. TASKS OF THE VOLUNTEERS: 1. Support in the school club (care centre after formal lessons) by preparation and organizing of sport activities and workshops for kids 2. Assistance in preparation of school feasts and local ceremonies. 3. Organization of language workshops, non-formal meetings and games about their countries, cultures and traditions. 4. Creation of own activities (in field of sport, music, theatre, multimedia, literature, languages ...) 5. Animation of different non-formal activities inside and outside of the school (in co-operation with other local institutions)

Volunteers will live in the small village Gródek with 3000 inhabitants, in a own flat. Every volunteer has his own room and a kitchen and bathroom the share. In the accomodation the volunteer will find basic equipment (including bed sheet, towels ect.) For food volunteers receive money each month and have to feed himself. Lunch will be offered in the school centre. The next big city (Białystok) city can be reached by local busses during 40-50 minutes. The coordinating organization reimburse local travel costs twice per week.

The On-arrival and Mid-term-training will be organised by Polish National Agency in Warsaw and Torun. The coordinating organisation offers more training activities for the volunteers in field of: intercultural learning, how to prepare and to create own activities and workshops, an own "mini-project" and of course polish language course.

We are looking for one volunteer from Belarus and one from other Programme Country. We wish to welcome motivated young people, interested in working with children and young people and also in topics of Sport and global education.. Welcome are volunteers with creative hobbies (like plastic arts, handicraft, music instruments etc or like sport). They should be autonomous as they will live alone in a flat in a rural area.


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