Dora scholarship

Scholarship under programme DoRa Pluss action 2.1
The scholarship scheme is meant for the Master´s students who:

  • are non-residents of the Republic of Estonia;
  • have not exceeded a total period of one year stay in Estonia during the last three years;
  • started their studies in the Master's programme at TTÜ after 1 July 2017;
  • study full load and reside in Estonia during the period of scholarship acquisition.

In order to qualify for the stipend in the second year of studies, a Master’s student must, during the first year, have successfully completed his/her coursework in programme subjects worth at least 45 ECTS. Decision will be made based on results of the last academic year. Separate application on the second year is not required.

The monthly amount of the scholarship is 350 euros  and it is paid during the period of September 1st to June 30th.

For academic year 2017/2018 there are alltogether 61 scholarships available for students enrolled in the following Master's programmes:

  • European Achitecture (2)
  • Environmental Engineering and Management (4)
  • Computer Systems and Engineering (6)
  • Communicative Electronics (4)
  • Cyber Security (6)
  • E-Governance Technologies and Services (3)
  • Materials and Processes for Sustainable Energetics (6)
  • Technology of Wood and Plastics (3)
  • Engineering Physics (1)
  • Health Care Technology (1)
  • Design and Engineering (2)
  • Mechatronics (7)
  • Industrial Engineering and Management (3)
  • Technology Governance (3)
  • Law (3)
  • International Business Administration (4)
  • International Relations and European-Asian Studies (3)

Only the applicants, who have applied to Master’s studies at TTÜ for Autumn 2017, passed the Faculty’s evaluation and received an offer for the study place at TTÜ are eligible to apply for the DoRa Pluss scholarship. All those applicants will be informed separately via e-mail about how to apply for the scholarship by 1st of June, 2017.

The decision about the suitable candidates will be made by head of study programme based on interviews, admission points and motivational letters by 5th of June (European Architecture by 5th of July).

Scholarship recipients will sign the Letter of understanding. The studies in Estonia must start in the academic year for which the stipend has been granted. During the period for which the stipend is granted, supported Master’s students must remain in Estonia, except for short visits to conferences or to their home countries. Should a supported Master’s student leave Estonia for a period exceeding one month, stipend payments for that period must be withheld.

*During the period of the DoRa stipend, the activity of the visiting student in Estonia may not be financed in the framework of the projects or programmes of other EU structural funds.

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The monthly amount of the scholarship is 350 euros and it is paid during the period of September 1st to June 30th.