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29 сакавіка 2007

14 лютага 2007

30 лістапада 2006

  • IMF Says Belarus Faces Much Less Favorable Outlook

    № 32(354), 28.08.06. Belarus, whose economy has grown over 8 percent a year in the past three years, is facing much less favorable circumstances ahead because of rising energy prices, the International Monetary Fund said on Friday. The possibility of significantly less subsidized energy imports could impart a considerable downside risk to the outlook, the IMF said in its annual review of the economy.

  • IMF mission to advise Belarus on budgeting issues starts its work

    № 35(357),18.09.06. A mission of the International Monetary Fund started working in Belarus to assist the Finance Ministry in preparation, formation and implementation of the state budget and the development of the system of fiscal accounting, a source in the IMF office in Minsk told. The mission is led by IMF chief economist of the budget department Mark Robinson. The IMF delegation is expected to address further cooperation prospects with the Belarusian administration.

  • Belarus concludes border demarcation with EU

    №37(359) 09.10.2006 Belarus and Latvia put up the last pole at their common border, thus completing the demarcation of the frontier between Belarus and its Baltic neighbors. The last border pole was ceremonially mounted on the Belarus-Latvia border near the Krasina village. Thus, the joint Belarus-EU project within the TASIC programme to demark the Baltic span of the Belarusian border has been completed.

12 верасня 2006

  • Emergency ministry of Belarus and TACIS implement radiation safety project

    №30(352) 14.08-20.08.2006 The emergency ministry of Belarus and TACIS are implementing a project Assistance in improving legal-treaty basis and rendering technical support in the field of radiation protection and readiness for emergences with the budget of EUR 700 thousand. At present the project has been submitted for consideration of the commission on international technical assistance under government of Belarus.

10 жніўня 2006

  • Belarusians decently compete at finswimming competition

    №11(333), 21.03.06.Belarusian sportsmen performed decently at the second round of the world finswimming championship in the Hungarian town of Hajduszoboszlo. Belarus was represented by teams of the DOSAAF from Novopolotsk and Minsk. Representatives of the DOSAAF central council told, the Belarusian sportsmen  won one gold and three bronz medals.The good results gave Belarusian sportsmen  an opportunity to partake in the world finswimming cup finals, wich is scheduled to take place in Poland in October 2006.

  • UNDP Trains Belarus Officials, NGOs in Gender Mainstreaming

    №4(336), 11.04.06. A series of trainings on gender mainstreaming were held by UNDP experts in Minsk last week to facilitate a better alignment of the work of Belarusian legislative and executive authorities, and NGOs with principllles of gender equality. The training provided basic knowledge and skills in gender mainstreaming highlighting its importance in the work of NGOs, legislative and executive authorities.

  • Minsk to host UNESCO — sponsored international conference in July 2009

    №15(337), 18.04.06. An international scientific conference "World Folklore Legacy: Past, Present, Future " under the auspice of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization will take place in Minsk in July 2009.The dicision was taken by the UNESCO's folk songs commision. The applications to host the conference were filed by Belarus, Holland, England, but Belarus proposal turned out to be the most interesting one.

4 жніўня 2006

  • World Customs Organization to help Belarus work out development concept

    №5(347), 10.07.06.The World Customs Organization (WCO) plans to assist The State Customs Committee of Belarus in working out its development concept. The WCO  is to provide advisory and methodological assistance, the press service of The State Customs Committee  said refferring to the results of a meeting of the WCO Counsil in Brusels.

  • Agrotourism Pioneers Still Face Problems In Belarus

    №5(347), 10.07.06. A model contract for rendering agrotourism services will put relations between tourists and the owner of thr farmstead in order  and will allow using decree № 372 "Measures to develop agrotourism and ecotourism in Belarus" in full.

  • Motorbike charity tour "20 Years after Chernobyl" arrives in Belarus

    № 22(344),13.06.06.Participants of the international motorbike charity tour "20 Years after Chernobyl"  arrive in Belarus on 7 June. The action organised by the International association Eurobiker started in Austria on June, 3 The tour participants have already passed Slovakia and Ukraine.

  • IHF president ariives in Minsk to draw up program on developing Belarusian handball

    №20(342), 20.05.06. One of the main goals of president of the International Handball Federation (IFH) Dr. Hassan Moustafa to Minsk is to draw up program on developing Belarusian handball. Dr. Hassan Moustafa  stated about it in the course of a meeting with speakerof the lower chamber of the Belarusian parlaiment. Dr. Hassan Moustafa  has expresed hope that the IFH jointly with Belarus and the Belarusian Handball Federation will draw up an effective development program.

27 кастрычніка 2004

  • Копилка информации

    203(22113)26.10.2004 На этой недели в Минске пройдет II Международная научно-практическая конференция "Информационные технологии и право (Правовая информатизация-2004)". Мероприятие с точки зрения имиджа Беларуси на мировой арене, можно сказать, знаковое. И не только потому, что конференция впервые будет проходить в нашей стране под эгидой ООН (ЮНЕСКО)

25 кастрычніка 2004

  • Опыт — бесценный капитал

    191(22101)08.10.2004 Два года назад в республике были закрыты некоторые военные госпитали. Но когда бывшие военные медики стали устраиваться в гражданской жизни, оказалось, что их профессиональный статус приравнивается к статусу выпускников медицинских вузов и училищ. Поодиночке врачи не могли добиться справедливости, поэтому и обратились в Фонд социальной защиты бывших военнослужащих.

21 кастрычніка 2004

  • The Closure of the German Week

    41(267)19-25.10.2004 During this whole week from the 1st to the 8th of October the Minskers had a chance to plunge into German culture, Politics and Economics. In our previous publication we described the whole program of the week. So now we will concentrate on some remarkable spots of the event.

29 верасня 2004

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