Amendments to the law On Defence of Consumers’ Rights were given in its second reading


The House of Representatives gave amendments and addenda to the Law on Defence of Consumers’ Rights its second reading. 

The document, inter alia, clarifies the mechanism of reimbursement of expenses of consumers’ non-governmental organizations and also the norms related to certification of workers of such organizations.
The draft law states that a consumer must not make prepayments (i.e. pay at the moment of filing a complaint against a seller, supplier, repair shop, etc.) to a non-governmental organization which defends its interests. Payment will be made only after the consumer’s complaint is satisfied by the manufacturer (seller) of after the court (if a claim has been initiated) makes a decision in consumer’s favour.
Moreover, the seller (manufacturer, supplier, etc.) will have to satisfy the claim of the non-governmental organization on reimbursement of its expenses within 14 days from receipt of such a decision.

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