‘Because neighbours matter’: EU cross-border cooperation programmes launch virtual exhibition

‘Because neighbours matter’: EU cross-border cooperation programmes launch virtual exhibition

Many different actions bringing a positive change to populations of border regions can now be discovered through a virtual exhibition developed by the TESIM project, which provides technical support to the implementation and management of the 15 ENI CBC (cross-border cooperation) programmes in both the Eastern and Southern neighbourhood.

Browsing around the exhibition, visitors can observe how tens of thousands of people across the European external borders are working together, building roads to connect markets and to improve tourism, recycling waste into fertilisers, or preserving threatened species to reverse biodiversity decline.

To make this world alive, the TESIM team has regrouped the material in four sectors of intervention: Environment, Economic development, People-to-people cooperation, and Cross-border infrastructure. Inside each sector are the flagship projects divided by subcategories, offering pictures and links to maps, interviews, and articles.

The ENI CBC community consists of 3,502 organisations, European and non-European, which jointly stimulate economic growth and fight common environmental challenges. There are 932 ongoing cross-border cooperation projects for a total implementation budget of €1.7 billion.

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TESIM website – virtual exhibition

ENI CBC programmes


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