Conference: Youth Work – The lessons from the crisis

Conference: Youth Work – The lessons from the crisis

The Conference will be held on 28-30 September 2020 in Vienna, Austria

Application deadline: 23 August 2020

Exchange your ideas and your experience with youth workers and experts from all over Europe, improving thus your own work while providing a compass for youth work in Europe in this time of crisis.

This conference aims to:

Provide a platform to reflect and analyse the ways in which this crisis has affected the lives of children and young people, as well as our work.

Discuss the new challenges that the crisis has created and the way how we can best approach them.

Explore the new possibilities (methods, tools, etc.) that we have developed and/or improved

Exchange best practices examples from methods and projects.  

Contribute with your own experience to an improvement of youth work in Europe.

Provide a space for networking.

This Conference will bring together about 120 youth workers and experts on the field of youth work in Vienna and in Europe. Together we will exchange our experiences from different cities across Europe during this pandemic. The crisis is not over yet and we are all still evaluating how to move forward, therefore this is just the right moment to exchange our ideas, our best practices and to discuss how to create a sustainable and modern new path for the youth work in our communities and in Europe!

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