The information is in great demand among not only NGOs, but also representatives of Mass Media, foreign foundations and charitable organizations, state institutions, other interested entities and persons. Every year some new databases are added to a series of UWB information databases developed earlier. Databases of Belarusian NGOs, Legal Regulations of NGO activity, Foreign grantmakers supporting civil initiatives in Belarus, Press monitoring have been in use since 1996. All UWB's databases have been supplemented and updated on a regular basis, they are open to public use in the Center. Most of the requests for data search come over the phone.
Precise and complete data were obtained thanks to close contacts and productive cooperation with numerous NGOs, Belarusian Association of Resource Centers, analytical and research centers catering to non-profit initiatives, mass media, national and local bodies, Ministry of Justice and departments of public associations of local executive committees, grantmaking organizations having their representation in Belarus.

Database of Belarusian NGOs (electronic and print versions)

features information about more than 3 000 NGOs including organizations' official name, field of activity, date of registration, contact person, number of NGO members, staff members, volunteers. Database includes NGOs that have been registered and re-registered in accordance with the Decree of the President of Belarus "On Certain Measures Regulating Activities of Political Parties, Trade Unions, and Other Non-Governmental Organisations" of January 26, 1999 (including amendments introduced by Decree 26 of July 13, 1999).

Quick link: Belarusian civic organizations database

Database of Grantmakers

Gathering information for the third edition of Donors Directory, we worked out a new version of database. Questionnaires were sent to all grant-making agencies. Received information was inserted into the Foreign Foundations Database. It includes the following data elements:

  • Name of Foundation;
  • Address (Headquarters, Regional Offices);
  • Telephone, fax, e-mail, web-site;
  • Contact person;
  • Fields of interest;
  • Types of support;
  • Limitations;
  • Financial data;
  • Application information.

Database of Grantmakers provides comprehensive information about more than three hundred grantmaking organizations supporting non-commercial initiatives and individuals in Belarus. Detailed information on the types of assistance provided and mechanisms of applying for relevant support is listed in the data base records. UWB's customers could retrieve necessary information using special coding.

Quick link: Foundations database

Database of Press Monitoring Project

This Database numbers more than 70 500 records featuring mass media publications on the third sector activity and related information. Though being a rather time-consuming initiative, press monitoring database update is still considered an important and worthy piece of work. With the current subscription to 24 national and regional periodicals we processed versatile mass media materials. With the specific requests coming we made special selections of publications featuring different field of NGO's activity.

NGO Glossary (database of NGO basic terms and concepts)

A newly developed database of terms common for the public sector will be permanently updated. This resource will be helpful for training courses held by the Center. Furthermore, it was used to compile NGO Basic Terms Encyclopedia, which came out in 2002.

All databases are regularly updated and open to public use in the Center.

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