Portal Statistics (January 1, 2013 – September 30, 2013)

The Portal has always been in demand due to its versatility and unique nature. The number of Portal users varied within a year depending on importance of information and needs of NGOs. In January its number made 29197 (many NGOs had their Christmas vacations), followed by rise in the following three months: February 34709, March 36200, April 44605. In May the number of users made 42043. Traditionally June, July and August demonstrated a smaller number of users (30409, 27894, and 25365 respectively) which fact was explained by a holiday period; September showed a gradual growth up to 27570 (all figures are month-averaged).

Information from the Portal is further redistributed by other organizations (in their informational bulletins and e-mail messages, is placed at their web-sites). Also, NGOs have an opportunity to receive RSS-news. It is impossible to register the number of RSS-recipients or trace all re-distributed information. So this latent use of the Portal cannot be calculated.

As before, “News” was the most often used page (as a home page). “Programs, Competitions, Training” competed in popularity with the “Non-Profit Law” section, followed by the “Database of Donors”, and “Database of Belarusian NGOs”.

The most active Belarusian users were as usual from Minsk and Minsk region (28.7% of entries), followed by Gomel and Gomel region (12.9%), Vitebsk and Vitebsk region (9.2%), Brest and Brest region (6.4%) – all figures are averaged through the year.

WWW.NGO.BY Portal is also widely used by foreign visitors. Foreign users treat the Portal as a source of information about Belarusian NGOs, platform for search of partners with a view to writing joint applications, planning visits or meetings, making research works.

6 December 2013

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