Belarus: avert climate change through the green economy

Belarus: avert climate change through the green economy
On 29 November, the EU-funded Clima East programme organised a round table discussion in Minsk for representatives of Belarusian central government bodies, civil society organisations and the public. Delegates representing the EU and Belarus discussed the implementation of the Paris Agreement and its effect on industry, transport, agriculture, waste and construction.
Frederik Coene, Head of Operations at the Delegation of the European Union to Belarus said, “The global clean energy transition is here to stay and Europe will continue to lead the way towards a more sustainable and competitive economy.”
The discussion focused on the national roadmap for implementing the Paris Agreement. This covered renewables and energy efficiency measures; new technologies in industrial sectors; green agriculture; forestry; land use; and public awareness about climate change.
The Clima East project has supported Belarus in international climate change cooperation and has provided sector analysis for national emissions reduction pledges.
The Clima East project is implemented by the European Union in all six Eastern Partnership countries - Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. The project helps countries in the region to apply effective approaches to reduce the adverse effects of climate change and enhance adaptation to it.
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