Call for Participants of the Second Summer School for Teenagers "SEI Youth: My First Business"

Call for Participants of the Second Summer School for Teenagers "SEI Youth: My First Business"

Are you concerned about a particular social problem? Do you want to use business tools to try to solve it? Have you got an idea for ​​a social enterprise that you want to develop and implement? Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills? Benefit from your summer holidays by taking part in the second summer school on social entrepreneurship for Belarusian teenagers "SEI Youth: My First Business", to be held in Minsk from July 7 to August 6, 2017. The event will be organized by Belarusian Youth Public Union "New Faces" and ODB Brussels with support from the European Union.

It is difficult to be successful in any field without creative, innovative and strategic thinking or the ability to plan things, assume responsibility, manage finances, communicate, work in a team, pitch and promote your ideas. The summer school "SEI Youth: My First Business" is a wonderful opportunity to develop these skills, which are in high demand not only in business but also in other areas.

During the summer school, teenagers will be introduced to the basics of social entrepreneurship and will learn how to use it to solve local social, cultural and environmental problems. Under the guidance of Belarusian and international trainers, mentors and experts, the participants will learn how to build the social business model: from analysing social/environmental problems and searching for ideas to developing a prototype of a social enterprise (product, service) and pitching it to leading entrepreneurs and experts in Belarus.

  1. of the summer school (33 people) will be divided into teams of 3 to 5 people, depending on the ideas they want to develop. During the course of the training program and after its completion, each team will be given mentoring support to assist in the implementation of developed ideas.

Summer school training will include various games, exercises, discussions, case studies and innovative presentations, helping to consolidate the acquired knowledge.

The summer school will have three off-line training sessions and assignments in-between:

• July 7 – 9: 1st training (Minsk);

• July 22– 23: 2nd training (the venue to be chosen following selection of participants);

• August 5 – 6: 3rd training (the venue to be chosen following selection of participants).

What is social entrepreneurship?

“Social entrepreneurship is entrepreneurial activity aimed at addressing or mitigating social / cultural / environmental problems”. ("Our Future" regional social programmes foundation)

Programme of the summer school includes the following modules:

1. Analysing problems and needs: methods for identifying and evaluating problems and the need to solve them.

2. Market analysis: gathering information about the market, its capabilities, competitors, niches and barriers for the development of its business idea.

3. Design thinking: the method of creating a human needs-oriented product or service.

4. Lean canvas: a 9-part template for developing new or existing business models.

5. Finances: understanding finances in entrepreneurship, income and expenditure, income and profit, as well as financial management.

6. Legal framework and regulation: legal aspects of social entrepreneurship in Belarus, its organizational and legal forms, documents and taxes.

7. Marketing, PR and branding: basics of marketing, PR and branding.

8. Funding and investment: funding opportunities for start-ups in Belarus.

9. Project management: project management methods using limited resources.

10. Strategic planning and development: basics of strategic planning and development.

11. Pitch: short talk about the concept of the product, project or service, which is used during presentations or meeting with potential investors.

Who can apply?

Young people at the age of 15 to 18 from all over Belarus who study in schools, gymnasiums, secondary vocational and higher educational institutions, or those who graduated from educational institutions. The training program is open to participants who already have ideas for a social business or a social / environmental problem that they want to solve. The training is also open for those who do not yet have an idea or problem but are willing to develop their entrepreneurial skills and contribute to the development of the ideas of other participants.

Teenagers can either apply individually or with their team if they have one (from 3 to 5 people). Please note that all the team members must also fill in the application.

The selection process will have two stages:

1) selection of participants based on applications;

2) Skype interviews with teenagers selected during the first stage, resulting in final selection of project participants.

Financial conditions

There is no participation fee. The organizers will cover travel expenses to the training venue (long-distance public transport: bus, train, city shuttle), accommodation (all participants will stay in one place during the trainings), meals and coffee breaks.

Results of the summer school: participants are expected to present fully developed ideas of social enterprises (start-ups), which they will be able to submit to “Social Weekend”, the contest of projects, and / or organize a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to realize their ideas.

In order to take part in the course, fill out the application form no later than 18:00 on June 06, 2017. Selection of applicants for the Skype interviews: June 09, 2017. Skype interviews: June 10-13, 2017. Final selection of project participants: 16 June 2017.

Please send your additional questions to marked "My First Business".

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