Eco-seminar on sustainable use of natural resources was held in the Hiermanovicy school of Sarkauscyna district

Eco-seminar on sustainable use of natural resources was held in the Hiermanovicy school of Sarkauscyna district
An educational seminar on sustainable use of natural resources for local communities was held on 22 November in the Hiermanovicy school of Šarkaušcyna district. The event was dedicated to the role of bogs in local ecosystem and the consequences of their irresponsible reclamation. Over 20 representatives of rural executive councils of Šarkauš?yna and Miory districts, Hiermanovic?y and Dziasna forestries, as well as school teachersexperts from the National Academy of Sciences and UNDP in Belarus took part in the seminar.
Anatoliy Puchilo, head of laboratory of the Institute of experimental botany of Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, made a speech on the current condition and forecast on ecological and socio-economic effectiveness of the project on reclamation of the raised bog Yelnya. He dedicated special attention to the role of constant monitoring of condition of bogs in order to prevent peat fires. 
“The school is situated very close to the "Yelnya" National Landscape Reserve. It is our mission to make everything possible to protect Yelnya for the sake of next generations and organize the economic activity in the way preventing any ecologic harm,” said Yuriy Vasilevskiy, deputy director of the Šarkauš?yna rural executive council. “We have built the ecologic class that will be of the constant high demand. It includes the collection of unique data about the Yelnya bog which is truly considered to be the lungs of Europe.”
«The deficit of fresh water becomes more obvious with each year. A number of forecasts has been made stating that the price of fresh water would equal the price of oil by the mid of the century.  Yelnya has been evolving 12 000 years, but it takes a year or two to destroy it completely. It is our unrenewable natural resource,” – summed up the seminar Aliaksei Artsiusheuski, UNDP-GEF “Peatlans-2” project manager.
Olga Moroz, a member of non-governmental organization “EcoOkoTur”, presented the action plan for local societies of Šarkaušcyna and Miory districts on sustainable management of water resources. It has been noticed that Hiermanovicy school should become the centre of ecologic education for the whole region including the neighboring Miory and Hlybokaje districts.  Representatives of rural executive councils agreed on the necessity on further cooperation and collaboration in order to improve the ecologic culture of the region.
The class has been created with financial support of UNDP-Coca-Cola Foundation "Building community capacity for sustainable management of water resources to preserve Yelnya peatland" with the Ministry of Nature Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus participation. The official opening of the eco-class happened on 27 October, 2016.
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