Sporovskiye Senokosy eco festival to kick off in Brest Oblast 12 August

Sporovskiye Senokosy eco festival to kick off in Brest Oblast 12 August

Nearly fifty teams will take part in the Sporovskiye Senokosy eco festival in the village of Vysokoye, Bereza District, Brest Oblast on 12 August, BelTA learned from Director of Sporovsky Biological Reserve Vadim Protasevich.

The 11th national scything championship and the 4th football tournament in a boggy meadow will become the festival's highlights. As many as 33 teams of scythemen and 10 football teams have registered for the event as against 23 and 8 teams in 2016, respectively. Partaking in the scything competition will be representatives of Pripyat National Park, Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, Vygonoshansky Landscape Reserve, Zvanets Landscape Reserve, the non-governmental organization APB BirdLife Belarus, and other organizations. The competitions on 100m-long and 3m-wide strips of land of fenny grass will see teams of the Brest Oblast Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, agricultural companies of Bereza District, the R&D Center for Geology, and the National Center for Hydrometeorology, Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring.

Sporovsky Biological Reserve will also welcome some honorary guests, among them representatives of Belarus' Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry, the Forestry Ministry, the Agriculture and Food Ministry, the EU, the UNDP, and Polish colleagues from Biebrza National Park and Bialowieza National Park.

The fourth edition of the football tournament in a boggy meadow will bring together teams from Brest, Kobrin, Drogichin District Executive Committee, Bereza District Executive Committee, Brest Oblast Forestry Company, and the Russian embassy in Belarus.

Guests and participants of the eco festival will be invited to take an eco-path tour, and to observe animals and birds of the famous reserve. The festival's program features football freestyle, air balloon rides, and other events. An amusement park will be running for children, a fair of arts and crafts will be arranged, too. Another entertaining event will be a performance by the best local art teams.



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