Statistics of Portal use in 2012  Portal is a web-based resource which contains thoroughly selected well-structured grouped information related to all aspects of NGOs’ work (projects, funding opportunities, NGO management issues, etc.), NGO-related news block, Non-Profit Law section, and also a number of databases (NGOs, Grantmakers, Press Monitoring).

Due to the Portal qualitative content it remains in demand, and the number of Portal users is growing from month to month. In 2012, the number of entries made 27629 in January, 26403 in February (small decline in February is explained by the lesser number of days in this month), 27873 in March, 28805 in April, 27873 in May, 30314 in June. Decline in July (23305) and August (21006), explained by the holiday season and traditional slackening the activities, gave place to rise up to 25815 in September (with peaks up to 30010), 26704 in October, 29440 in November, 32186 in December. Statistics varies depending on importance and urgency of information placed at the Portal.

Such intensive use of the Portal forced UWB to change for another, more expensive tariff (VPS-hosting instead of shared hosting), as the load on the server of the hosting company (Extmedia Internet Solutions, grew from allowed 30000 hits per month to 43000 hits in March, 44000 in April, and sharp increase in May (i.e. load on the server grew from allocated 2% to 7%).

One should also consider the latent use of the Portal in the form of RSS, and secondary use when information from is further redistributed by other organizations.

Apart from the number of entries, the following Portal statistics should be mentioned:

Total number of NGOs in the database of Belarusian NGOs


Total number of Foundations in the database of Foundations


Total number of newspaper articles include in the database of the Belarusian press monitored

approximately 81 430 articles from 28 national and local newspapers

The following Portal sections were most visited during the year:

·   News (as this is a home page and whenever a user types he gets to this page)

·    Programs, Competitions, Training (information on opportunity to participate in 138 programs or competitions was placed at the portal within the reporting period)

·    Database of Foreign Grantmakers

·    Databases of Belarusian NGOs

·    Non-Profit Law section also remained highly visited, though it had to compete with the Non-profit law school module.

The most active Belarusian users were as usual from Minsk and Minsk region (29.1% of entries), followed by Gomel and Gomel region (14.0%), Vitebsk and Vitebsk region (10.4%), Brest and Brest region (6.2%) – all figures are averaged through the year.

WWW.NGO.BY Portal is also widely used by foreign visitors, which benefited from the Portal in terms of search of partners for writing joint project applications and implementation of international projects (e.g. within the Eastern Partnership Program, Baltic Sea Region Programme – Cross Border Cooperation Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus). In 2012, visitors from up to 84 to 88 countries made use of the Portal. The five most active foreign users (as of September 30, 2012) are shown below:

Country/ Territory     % of visits

1. Russia                      13.4

2. Ukraine                      7.9

3. Lithuania                   4.2

4. Poland                       3.0

5. Germany                   1.8


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