Belarusian Non-Governmental Organization "United Way"

Having started in 1995 as the first National NGO Development and Support Center that provided non-profit initiatives mainly with technical and information support, Belarusian Republican Non-Governmental Organisation "United Way" (UWB) has grown into the Center with a multitude of services, including consultations, trainings, outreach, publications, volunteer services, etc. UW has taken a leadership role in the support of the development of Belarus' non-profit sector.

In 2001 the Center launched a new program United Community House aimed at the collaboration efforts of the three sectors' representatives by introducing them to a wide range of information, consulting, training, and integrating activities with an agenda specifically tailored to promote capacity building of the civil society in Belarus. The project concept is based on the combination of Three-level NGO Support Pyramid featuring events and activities for specific target groups, worked out by UW in 1999 and First National Informational Portal for Belarusian NGOs  a two-year program supported by UNDP Office in Belarus and Swedish Institute Partnership for Culture program.

Public education and development of Belarusian non-governmental organizations, promotion of their close interaction with state institutions and businesses will remain the core objectives of the Center for the next three years.


  • To assist in the development of a strong, locally supported non-profit sector by helping local organisations to build their effectiveness and gain public support.
  • To support civil society development in Belarus through strengthening and mobilizing NGOs resources to form partnerships among governments, businesses and NGOs to improve the quality of life in their communities.


  • to provide free access to information resources, electronic equipment, and funding opportunities to a wide range of Belarusian NGOs;
  • to strengthen leadership and management skills of NGO activists by providing proficient training in strategic planning, fund-raising, accountability, and project implementation;
  • to support networking and information exchange among Belarusian NGOs and co-operation with compatible NGOs abroad;
  • to encourage collaboration with government and business sectors.

Target group

Regional and Minsk-based grassroots and advanced NGOs, NGO resource centers, NGO trainers and personnel, officials of local governments, mass media, business, and other interested persons


  • first in Belarus
  • established the first Centre for NGO development which provides free-of-charge technical, information and consulting services;
  • set up first national Information Portal for Belarusian NGOs
  • collected and constantly updated data bases of Belarusian NGOs, Grantmakers, Monitoring of Belarusian Press, Periodicals of NGOs published 4 editions of Directories of Belarusian NGOs and 3 editions of Directories of Granrmakers
  • compiled and published the 4 legal handbooks "Legal Status of Belarusian NGOs"
  • prepared a group of trainers in democratic leadership;
  • continuously functions telephone information service Third Sector
  • collected library for NGOs

UWB keeps on providing services to NGOs in the following areas: information, consultation, training, and integration/partnership.

According to the questionnaire surveys constantly conducted by UWB, these services are still in great demand. We are confident that these activities create new approaches and initiatives in the solution of existing problems that in turn will result in decrease of social tension and will raise the role of NGOs in social stability.

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